Scalable digital infrastructure for secondary capital markets
Trade mortgage and consumer loan pools, and syndicate commercial real estate loans for a flat annual fee.
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Key Features
Multi-Asset Class Support
Variety of asset classes spanning consumer and other commercial loans.
Function specific platform tools
Allow buyers to purchase more efficiently, making better customers for asset dealers. Tools include preferred counterparty types, reverse inquiry, price, and bid discovery.
Powerful insights driven by embedded analytics
Trade lifecycle workflow management with a comprehensive suite of analytics tools ranging from initial tape carving through distribution and trade settlement, including WYSIWYG loan-level and portfolio analytics.
Engineered for efficiency
Consolidate multiple business lines into a single platform. Immediate counterparty qualification (using most recent regulatory data) and instant, broad, direct reach to other counterparties.
An automated loan portfolio trading platform designed specifically for financial institutions and institutional investors.
The ability to consolidate multiple business lines into a single platform
No guidelines or rate sheets, allowing legacy collateral
Defensive ALM, protect against assets out of the money
Complete control of data, transactions, and pace of trades
CRA sourcing
Data enhancement across the platform