Due Diligence
Secure, embedded diligence functionality enables safe file sharing and collaboration
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An auditable & clear process to manage diligence
ORSNN’s due diligence capabilities provide fluid, secure exchanges of loan collateral documents.
Manage both internal and external diligence via a clear, auditable process
Report & expedite responses on exceptions and anomalies
Protects seller reputation by identifying anomalies prior to collateral delivery
Maintain third party diligence relationships
Avoid Missing Collateral Items
Speed up due diligence with machine learning and automated workflows
ORSNN removes the manual process behind due diligence. Machine learning accelerates documentation review and remediation. Missing collateral items become a thing of the past.
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Diligence Feature List
diligence workflow
Automatic folder creation for
files selected by counterparty
Errors/anomaly reporting
Annotate and communicate
on document in question
Embedded asset-specific
Auditable access to
diligence for third parties
Digitally transformed capital markets. Repeatable outcomes.
No spreadsheets or brokers. All for a flat fee.
Stop wasting money on an illiquid, outdated process fraught with unreliability. Execute more successful transactions with less friction. ORSNN eliminates the headaches and delays caused by manual communication between counterparties, reduces the average transaction time frame from months to weeks, and enables you to quickly manage your capital markets workflows.
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