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ALM AI is ORSNN's pioneering, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform
Why ORSNN is Excited About ALM AI

Innovation and transformation are at the heart of what we do at ORSNN. We’re passionate about crafting cutting-edge solutions that reshape and redefine how financial institutions operate. Central to our mission is our newest venture – ALM AI.

29 May 2023
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Credit Union Participations 101
For credit unions, loan participations offer a means of mitigating risk and enhanc...
4 May 2022
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What is Whole Loan Trading?
Lenders may seek to avoid the entanglements accompanying the lending of loans by r...
4 March 2022
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What is a Whole Loan?
A whole loan refers to a single loan issued by banks or other lending institutions...
4 January 2022
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Our Story – How it all began
Today, approximately 80% of mortgage, commercial real estate, and consumer loan po...
14 May 2021
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ORSNN Launches Powerful Whole-Loan Trading Platform To Beta
ORSNN is a multi-functional platform that provides financial institutions with a l...
20 October 2020
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