Embedded analytics - a data-driven approach to managing your loan portfolio.
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ORSNN’s powerful, no-code analytics makes modeling easy
Advanced data
visualization and
customizable interface
Software ergonomics result in actionable capital market insights and faster execution.
specific analytics
Built-in, asset-specific, loan-level modeling without the need for additional resources or software.
Cash flow and performance dashboards
Easy-to-read displays allow for a deep, quick understanding of presented data.
Loan Level
Data Analysis
Automated tape cracking (AI-assisted) and loan-level data warehousing allow for granular analysis.
Everything right where you need it
Everything right where you need it
Better execution on loan sale transactions
ORSNN generates industry standard reporting that make it easy to evaluate and visualize how your loan portfolio is performing or to evaluate a loan pool offering listed on the ORSNN Marketplace.
Complete modeling that does not require additional resources
ORSNN is a quantitative analytics and trading platform with powerful asset-specific capabilities.
Deep understanding of performance and cash flows.
Advanced data visualization and modeling, including stratification, cash flow, and performance dashboards.
Digitally transformed capital markets. Repeatable outcomes.
No spreadsheets or brokers. All for a low fee.
Stop wasting money on an illiquid, outdated process fraught with unreliability. Execute more successful transactions with less friction. Eliminate the headaches and delays caused by manual communication between counterparties. Reduce the average transaction time from months to weeks. Master your workflows.

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