Buy and sell loan pools across all major counterparties and asset classes on ORSNN's infrastructure for secondary capital markets.
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ORSNN offers a managed workflow for financial institutions and institutional investors
Pre-scheduled pool publishing
Schedule offerings for sale in advance.
Conduct bid auctions or priced offerings
Publish a pool to the marketplace with a reserve price, or allow the market to define your bid.
Offer pools "All or None" or enable carving
Seller-defined carve parameters.
Counterparty screening
Seller can screen buyer before sharing loan-level details.
Multi-asset class support
One platform for all major business lines.
Secure transactional infrastructure
Your data is always protected with you in control.
Workflow management
Enables teams to trade faster and more efficiently.
Reverse seller inquiry
Request your specific pool specifications.
Multiple business lines, one subscription
Manage loan pools offerings
Quickly upsize existing pools
Navigate inquiries to purchase assets not currently listed for sale
Negotiate multiple bids on a single transaction, or engage a single trusted counterparty for follow-on business
Review historical bids and pricing on past transactions
Digitally transformed capital markets. Repeatable outcomes.
No spreadsheets or brokers. All for a flat fee.
Stop wasting money on an illiquid, outdated process fraught with unreliability. Execute more successful transactions with less friction. ORSNN eliminates the headaches and delays caused by manual communication between counterparties, reduces the average transaction time frame from months to weeks, and enables you to quickly manage your capital markets workflows.
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