Digital infrastructure for loan participations
Embedded tools for on-platform loan participation; build and scale direct relationships with other credit unions.
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Multi-Asset Class Participation Support
Including MBL, residential mortgage, automobile/RV, and other consumer loans.
Transact with new & existing relationships
ORSNN's marketplace allows a credit union to transact seamlessly with existing relationships and facilitates new ones.
Powerful insights driven by embedded analytics
Visually-guided analytics enable an informed approach to transacting, regardless of previous experience with loan participations.
Engineered for loan participations
Credit Union loan participation-specific tools allow unions to transact directly & efficiently. Participate in a single MBL or a pool of mortgages or auto loans - all in one place.
ORSNN's platform enables institutions to proactively buy and sell participations to optimize loan-to-deposit ratio and other key metrics.
Ability to directly deal with other credit unions through the ORSNN marketplace
Robust risk analysis
  • Counterparty assessment
  • Credit assessment
  • Yield assessment
Cutting-edge loan participation analytics and visualization
Affordable fees rather than an expensive commission model
Built for comprehensive financial institution security compliance
Monthly remittance reporting with quarterly and annual summaries at no additional cost