Our Company
ORSNN offers digital infrastructure for financial institutions and institutional investors active in loan trading, syndications, and participations.
Industry experts, technology & trading
Based in Seattle, Washington, our team has decades of combined experience in fixed-income trading and web applications. Our co-founder previously built a well-known trading desk, while our engineering team consists of experts with software industry backgrounds at companies, including Amazon™ and Oracle™.
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Veterans from banking and software
Our advisors are accomplished industry veterans from the financial services and technology sectors. Our technology advisors have built industry-standard applications such as Microsoft™ Access and Powerpoint, while our financial services-focused advisors have led Wall Street trading desks and large, regional financial institutions.
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Our mission
To transform secondary capital markets into an efficient digital experience
Financial institutions retain voice brokers, email sensitive loan data to buyers, and pay commission fees to one or both sides of a transaction.
Brokers and institutions use legacy software tools with little interoperability.
Our Platform
Bundles all aspects of the transaction - from analytics to due diligence and settlement - into a streamlined, secure digital experience.
Introduces an effectively-priced solution leading to time and fee savings.
Technical Excellence
ORSNN's platform is built and runs in the cloud with the latest technology and is compliant with the latest best practices.
All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We encrypt to our keys, rather than the keys AWS manages for its whole servers.
All data is directly written to our authoritative NoSQL data store with the customer id as its segmenting key
Our platform is built on top of AWS cloud services: We focus on our core competencies while the AWS services provide their functionality across multiple regions.
Our client-side application is built using React, loaded from Amazon's Content Distribution Network (CDN) (AWS Cloudfront) for reliability and low latency.
Transparency and Transformation
Fewer failed transactions due to diligence snafus or lack of information.
Value pricing relative to broker fees.
Confidence in seeing more of the marketplace.
Use of treasury and real-time market data to accurately model and price loans.