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14 May 2021
Our Story – How it all began

A single platform focused on efficiency

Our story begins at the ground level of whole-loan portfolio trading, in which financial institutions (FIs) move over a trillion dollars of loans annually. Today, approximately 80% of mortgage, commercial real estate, and consumer loan portfolios are traded manually, leaving most FIs in the dark on transactions and markets. Our CEO spent a decade in this space, having established an acclaimed firm to intermediate loan-portfolio trades on behalf of large financial institutions. With that experience, he envisioned a more efficient digital marketplace governed by automated trading – a single platform where traders could easily manage risk and slash the average timeframe for a whole-loan trade from months to weeks. If the equities market could employ technology to drive efficiency, the whole-loan market could too.

Assembling the team

Armed with the experience of building a globally recognized business from the ground up, he and our co-founder assembled a team of former bankers, traders, MIT alumni, academics, and ex-Amazon employees. They met with target clients to better understand their challenges and needs, coming away with a clear goal: to build a trading platform that digitally transforms the institutional whole-loan ecosystem by leveraging the latest advances in cloud-computing, machine learning, and AI. Fast forward to 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, and the team unveiled ORSNN (private beta), the first automated institutional loan-trading platform developed exclusively for FIs. The ORSNN system contains three key components: a loan portfolio analytics suite, a loan trading marketplace, and a secure dealing room for loan documentation diligence. Altogether, ORSNN casts aside the outdated manual framework of legacy trading and transforms the way FIs discover, purchase, and distribute whole loans. The future of the trillion-dollar whole-loan market is here, and it is ORSNN.

Transform whole-loan trading

ORSNN to modernize whole-loan trading by providing financial institutions (FIs) with the tools to effectively analyze risk, browse or post loan offerings, and complete transactions with expedited diligence. By utilizing the latest advances in cloud-based technology, machine learning, and enhanced risk analysis, our platform decreases trading times and drives greater returns. The ORSNN team combines expertise in cutting-edge technologies and financial markets to deliver an automated trading platform that revolutionizes the way FIs trade whole loans.


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