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14 May 2021
Our Story – How it all began

Our story begins at the ground level of whole-loan portfolio trading, in which financial institutions (FIs) move over a trillion dollars of loans annually. Today, approximately 80% of mortgage, commercial real estate, and consumer loan portfolios are traded manually, leaving most FIs in the dark on transactions and markets. Our CEO spent a decade in this space, having established a respected firm to intermediate loan portfolio trades on behalf of large financial institutions. 

What he saw was a market where about 80% of financial institutions and private capital are navigating a manual trading environment for mortgage, commercial real estate, and consumer loan portfolios in the secondary markets. He envisioned a more efficient digital marketplace governed by automated trading – a single platform where traders could slash the average timeframe for a whole-loan trade from months to weeks. If the equities market could employ technology to drive efficiency, the whole-loan market could, too.

Armed with the experience of building a globally-recognized business from the ground up, Sean and his co-founder Rohit drew on the deep Seattle talent pool and assembled a team of former Amazon, Meta, Google, and Oracle engineers, as well as bankers and traders. They met with target clients to better understand their challenges and needs, coming away with a clear goal: to build a trading platform that digitally transforms the institutional whole-loan ecosystem by leveraging the latest advances in cloud-computing, software engineering, financial analysis, and AI. ORSNN synthesizes the tasks of trading, risk assessment, and due diligence into a single, streamlined electronic trading platform.

The first commercially available version of ORSNN’s trading platform is being released in the fall of 2023. The future of the trillion-dollar whole-loan market is here, and it is ORSNN.


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