Loan Trading Marketplace
Digital capital markets infrastructure
ORSNN introduces digital infrastructure connecting financial institutions, originators, and institutional investors with a powerful suite of embedded tools.
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Digital infrastructure for financial institutions and institutional investors, covering all major asset classes and performance spectrums
Digital infrastructure for secondary capital markets, with an embedded, proprietary suite of portfolio analytics and trading capabilities. We enable our users to quickly select and visualize loan-level data and automate their pool sales for a fixed cost.
Embedded analytics provide data-driven visuals for loan pool transactions
ORSNN features embedded, powerful, no-code analytics, which allows users to understand their data in an elegant and efficient manner, driving informed capital market decisions.
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Portfolio Management
Analytics-enabled loan pool management to maximize gain on sale potential
ORSNN provides secure access to your loan-level data, with capabilities to create and manage loan pools across all secondary capital markets.
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Buy and sell loan pools across all major asset classes - no broker needed
ORSNN’s infrastructure offers a managed workflow, automating end-to-end loan trading, including support for residential mortgage, commercial real estate, and consumer lending (to include credit union participations) across the full performance spectrum, which eliminates the need for brokers.
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Due Diligence
Secure, embedded diligence functionality enables safe file sharing and collaboration
ORSNN's diligence capabilities provide fluid, secure exchanges of loan collateral documents, creating a seamless experience and improving efficiency by reducing loan fallout.
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Digitally transformed capital markets. Repeatable outcomes.
No spreadsheets or brokers. All for a flat fee.
Stop wasting money on an illiquid, outdated process fraught with unreliability. Execute more successful transactions with less friction. ORSNN eliminates the headaches and delays caused by manual communication between counterparties, reduces the average transaction time frame from months to weeks, and enables you to quickly manage your capital markets workflows.
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